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Henan Honchoo Technology Limited

Address: Henan province Nanyang City Phase road and Renmin Road intersection East 150 meters
Postal Code: 473000
Tel: 0377-61678777 (turn)
       Technology Department: 8009
       Project 1: 8007
       Project 2: 8010
       business 1: 8011
       business (Education) 2: 8025
       Optoelectronic products division: 8013
       Intelligent Transportation Department: 8028
LD laser TV and Dashbonb portable projection sales hotline: 0377-63803979
Fax: 0377-61389666

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Address: Nanyang City Henan Province are road and Renmin Road intersection east 50 meters
zip code: 473000????Tel: 400-867-1699????0377-61678777????fax: 0377-61389666
Email:nhongchang@hongchangkj.com????  豫ICP備14012050號-1

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